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Full Version: New To Linux And Need Advice
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Hi there,

I've recently installed Red Hat Linux Version 8 (Yes, I know it's now at 9), and am having trouble with the download speed of the Modzilla web browser I got with it.

To set the background, I am accessing the web via a DHCP server (running some version or other of Windows server software - cannot be more specific at this point in time), which in turn is the default gateway to a broadband internet connection.

As far as I can see, I've configured the network side of my web connection correctly, as I am getting a connection. However, it's downloading web pages like a snail (Took 5 minutes to download Google's homepage).

When I access the same pages via Windows Explorer (Version 6.0) from my installation of Windows XP, it downloads web pages at a lightning speed.

Can anyone tell me what might be the problem with the connection from my Linux client?
Disable firewall in Linux. Add DNS'es. That's all I can think of. Do ping on both boxes and compare the results.

Ran some pinging tests last night. Pinged the URL for Google (took ages) and then pinged the IP address, which proved to be lightning fast. Looks like you were right with your guess at the DNS's.

When I installed Red Hat, I installed the firewall on high security (on reflection, this was probably a pretty stupid thing to do, as I'm already accessing the web via a server with a firewall). Please can you let me know how I disable it (Will be trying to look this up tonight in my Red Hat Linux Bible, but it wouldn't hurt to have another source of information)? Also, please can you let me know how to go about adding DNS's?

Thanks in advance.
Run setup as root in a terminal. You can configure the firewall through there.
Do I need to do this through a terminal session, or can I do it via the GNOME GUI?
it will work either way ... it is console based. A terminal window in X or from character based mode....
Have now run the "firstboot" setup utility. Firewall configuration does not appear to be an option.

Any other suggestions on how to configure the firewall?
that was running setup at the command line or in a terminal window using redhat 9?
Howdo Guys,

Have now run setup and disabled the firewall. Hasn't solved the problem though. Am now 100% convinced that this is a DNS configuration problem with Red Hat 8.

If you feel you can help and would like more information, please take a look at the new topic I've started.

Thanks for all your help so far - I didn't know about the setup utility.

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