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Full Version: Using Space From /usr For /home ?
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I'm quickly running out of space on /home
I've lots of space left on /usr

Is there anyway to "map" space from /usr to /home without doing another reinstallation?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!
Yee Seng.
Do you have any unpartitioned disk space on the system?

If so, you can move all the files to a temp directory, extend the /home partition using fdisk and the unpartitoned space, then copy all the files back.

If you don't have any free unpartitioned space, you could create a new directory under usr (maybe called new_home), then move several of your largest /home users (for example the users named jones and smith) to the new directory ... the command would be this:

mv /home/jones /usr/new_home/
mv /home/smith /usr/new_home/

then create a link from the new directory back to /home ...

cd /home
ln -s /usr/new_home/jones .
ln -s /usr/new_home/smith .

Now you have 2 directories (/usr/new_home/jones and /usr/new_home/smith) that used to be in /home ... but changing directories to /home/smith or /home/jones works as well...
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