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Full Version: Installation Problem
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hi there....

I am a newbie to the linux community. I used to have a dual boot system with Red Hat 7.0 and Windows ME loaded.

Some days ago, my cd-rom konked out and its not working now. In the meantime, my system also crashed. I know how to load Windows from my hard disk (i have a backup of windows). But the problem is I don't know how to load Red Hat 7 without the CD-ROM. Can i take my hard disk to a friend's place and transfer the Red Hat cd to my hard disk and then install it back at my home. It can be done with windows, therefore I think it must be possible with Linux too.

Please guide me as to how I can have a dual boot system without the help of my CD-ROM.

I would be very grateful.

Try researching a program called RAWrite (or something similar) that allows you to make a boot disk on a floppy through DOS. I've never tried it myself because my CD worked fine, but I've heard this method mentioned quite a bit.

I'm guessing you have your ISO images on your hard disk and that's how you burned the cd before it was messed up. If not, you'll need to get the images on your HD to do this.

Good luck
- Miz cool.gif
Download the redhat boot disks, and if you have hi speed, look into "Network Installtion", I haven't used RedHat since version 5.2, so I'm not sure about the specifics, but it was really easy to do then, which probably makes it easier now wink.gif
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