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Full Version: Install Pico At Install
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why is there no option to install pico at the install? (redhat 9.0)

I am only installing specific packages to some stations - no gnome, kde or anything like that. When I go to the customize packages screen, pico is not an option (there are other text editors). Even when I go to the more advanced "individual packages" screen and view as a flat file ... pico is not listed. Why?

I guess I have to locate the redhat disk with the pico rpm on it, and install it after the fact, but man, when you rolling out 75 of these stations; and extra step sucks!

Am I missing somthing?
Pico is part of the pine package. Install pine and you will have pico.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I would have never guessed that
I like the program nano better than pico ....


Then rpm -Uvh nano-1.2.2-1.i386.rpm ...

I actually use vim, but pine will probably be going away in future RedHat versions. Here is a quote from RedHat Severn:

The following packages have been removed from RedHat Linux 9.0.93:

  - pine -- Non-Open Source license and long-term maintenance concerns

Here are the nano docs.
Thanks for the advice, I will install and check out nano. Itís to bad though, I'm the type that like to stick with what is easy and what works.

Honestly though, I donít know why you hard core Linux guys like VI so much. It seems like such a pain in the butt to me. There is all this crud you have to remember just to do some simple text editing.

Is VIM better than the old standard VI?
vi isn't that hard to learn if you have a little bit of time on your hands. Plus vi has a bunch of cool features like search and replace etc.

I still use pico just out of habit though. It's plain and simple and I'm just too lazy to get into the habit of typing vi filename instead of pico filename smile.gif
Actually I'm a hard core UNIX guy ... and vi was the only cross-platform editor available when I started!

Now when I need to edit a file, I start a terminal and fire up vi before even thinking about anything else (like gedit)... I guess old habits die hard!!!!!!! biggrin.gif

vim is MUCH better ... I like the cool colors! if you install vim then the command vi will start vim.
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