Hi stuck on these errors with pppup , can you help? my modem is a creative modem Blaster V92 PCI D15791

chmod failed to get attributes of ppp-up: no such file or directoy.
continued on and typed in command to dial and got
Aug 15 14:37:00 local host crond [2722]; mail cmd(/usr/bin/python -s/var/lib/mailman/cron/grunner eth0:error fetching interface info dir not found

also after typing ./InstallMe I get a list of files to overwrite two of them have errors ( etho: error fetching interface info directory not found,

& cp can not start 'READ*; no such file or directory)

"chmod 700 ppp-up,
chmod 700 ppp-down" (I get the error "chmod failed to get attributes of pppup-up no such file or directoy")

thanx, cantankerousgit