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Full Version: Reiser Vs. Ext3
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Hi all,

I am just in the process of installinig SuSE 8.2 Pro.

I am just about to create my "/" partition. I know how big I want to make it, and thought that I wanted to use ext3, but YaST is suggesting I use Reiser. I had never given Reiser much thought, but perhaps I should.

Does anyone have any comments that could help me make my decision? Any personal experience with the two? Is one better/worse interacting with windows compared to the other?

I know they are both journaling filesystems, but that's about it.

Reiser is supposedly faster ....

As far as working with windows is concerned, there is no difference.

Personally, I have noticed no real difference on a workstation between ext3 and ReiserFS ... and because I am more familiar with the ext3 tools, that is what I normally use.

Reiser 4 (not yet in the stable distros) is supposed to have a signifigant boost in performance and some other neat features (like treating directories as files) ... but I haven't really seen a major performance or relability difference between reiser 3.x and ext3...
Thanks for the tips!

I ended up going with ext3, mostly because it is built upon a proven technology (ext2), although I'm sure Reiser is pretty solid by now too.

Maybe in the future (when Reiser 4 comes out in a stable distro), I'll add a Reiser partition and compare the two.

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