The Mandrake modem wizard can't/won't configure my modem. I have a usr 2976 that worked under mandrake 8.0. I loaded the same driver on 9.1 that I used on 8.0. Using the Mandrake Control Center I select the following:
DrakConnect -> Modem Not Connected -> Wizard -> Normal modem connection -> ttyS2/com3 -> fill in dialing options.

I have a dual boot with windows 2000 where the modem is on com3.

When I try to connect to the internet the error msg. says it can't find my modem and the resolv.conf file is missing or the permissions are incorrect. I have "touched" /etc/resolv.conf but the wizard must remove it.

ls -l on /dev shows /dev/ttyS2->ttys/2 flashing red

Any help would be appreciated.