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Full Version: I Need Partitioning Help
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Alright...ive tried to install red hat 9 with auto Partitiong...didnt work because i dont have i was told that i need to free space doing maneually i went there and suppose i got to Edit my harddrive not sure what to do there when it says all this stuff.

:::Edit Partition:::

Mount Point : (______) <---blank
Original File system type : Vfat
Size (MB) : 38201

How would you like to prepare the file system on this partition?

O Leave Unchanged (Preserve data)

O Format partition as (a few options)

im not sure if this is what im supposed to do...i was told to resize the current XP to make more space and then once i write it to table to reboot and go from there on auto partition....i really need help thank you.
Do yourself a favor and get a decent partitioning program like Partition Magic. If you use the tools included during the install you will lose your existing data.
ohmy.gif thats like super expensive...anywhere i can get it for cheaper? or even free?
what about using this one...

tell me i you think it would work.
It doesn't say that it supports linux but you could probably just resize your windows partitions and create free space and then use the partition tool in linux to convert that into ext2/3 and swap partitions.
if i knew how to reisze to make free space i would thats what im trying to find out also
I was referring to that program you pasted. You can use that to resize and then use linux to partition the free space.
Partition magic is def you best bet if your not good with partitioning.. How big is you HD? the easiest way without spending money is to cut your harddrive in half with fdisk since you already have that. and point the linux installer that way, it will ingnore your NTFS partition and create it's /swap /boot and /root and the other side. oooooorr by a new HD smile.gif
I just bought a 80GB for a new box i'm building for $50.00...not bad wink.gif
My understanding is that fdisk doesn't support resizing of partitions without destroying the data. Has this changed?
i have a 40GB harddrive and half of it is used
Right. I wouldn't use fdisk. Try that program you pasted or try getting a copy of partition magic.
so i can use that program to resize and then auto oartition with the red hat incluced program?
Personally I wouldn't use the auto partition option but that is just me. I like to have some sort of control of what's going on. You can use the Disk Druid tool in the Red Hat install to partition the free space, it's pretty straight forward and easy to use. If it gives you trouble then just do the auto-partition thing and hope it doesn't kill your windows partition for you smile.gif
that program dont work with windows XP sad.gif
u can use parted that comes with redhat (hey!!! don't get confused name is "parted".).
PartitionMagic 8 works with the following OS's :

Windows XP Professional/Home
Windows 95b-98SE
Windows Me
Windows 2000 Professional
NT 4.0 workstation (SP6a)

See your PM....
alright, well i got it working along time ago but forgot to come back and thank everyone. yes i went through and found out the error that i was gettin when trying to use partition magic was because i had system restore on with is with XP pro or something like that but yea, got it working and all, thanx everyone GREAT HELP!
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