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Full Version: Burning Suse Question
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Hi. I downloaded SuSE 8.2 from

Theres alot of stuff, and Im quite confused. I just want to burn this so I can get SuSE on my desktop. If anyone can help me out here, it would be much appreciated. Thanks alot.

The ISO can be found at
Did you download the entire directory structure including all files? If so, you can place them on a seperate hard drive and make them available for install as a second drive, or put them on an FTP or HTTP server, or via SAMBA, or NFS...

With the SUSE install, you can't burn a CD set and install it ... SUSE does not provide ISO images of their install. If you want to do a SUSE install, you can burn the file called boot.iso in the boot directory (or it is here if you didn't download the entire structure: boot.iso).

Once you make the boot iso (you can also make a 5 floppy disk boot set if you can't burn the CD image).

After you have the boot media, you can install SUSE via ftp, http, nfs, smb or hard disk (but not via CDROM). Here are the SUSE install instructions (it is also available as README.FTP in the root if you downloaded all files)...

SUSE as taken their step by step manual out of free access ... if you want to see the manual, you have to have a registration number (from a boxed set or you can buy the registration number). SUSE no longer supports doing their installs for free ... I would therefore recommend that you use a different ditrubution unless you HAVE to use SUSE for another reason....or buy the boxed set to gain access to the step by step instructions.
QUOTE (Joey @ Aug 20 2003, 05:39 AM)

This is just the live eval cd ... it will not install to a hard drive. See my above post...
Oh well smile.gif
Thanks for the response. Yes I downloaded everything, but I dont have a second hard drive to use.. That live-eval one makes more sense to me, but I dont really understand what makes that one different. Thanks.
The SUSE live eval CD will boot and allow you to use SUSE as an evaluation. It doesn't actually install on the PC's hard drive, and it uses a RAM drive for writable space and the CDROM drive as a hard drive that contains the programs ... very much like Knoppix and

I'm not sure how it stores things like e-mail downloaded, etc. Probably in a temporary directory on the hard drive.

If you just want to try linux without actually installing it, then the SUSE live eval CD is great. It is very slow, since it reads program files and runs them from the CDROM ... which on most systems transfers information at a rate of 1/10 the speed of a hard drive (on my pIII 800 test box, my IDE drive transfers info a 36 MB/sec but the 56X cdrom transfers at 3.4 MB/sec).

So the Live eval CD will let you try SUSE, but it isn't very usable on a regular basis...
Don't misunderstand, I like SUSE's products ... and version 8.2 is a very good install of Linux. SUSE has the right to sell boxed products and make that product easier to install if they want. They also do not need to provide free technical support to people who don't purchase their product, and I'm not trying to say that they should.

They can also expect to be paid for their efforts, I know I need to be paid for my work so that I can pay the rent!

The FTP or HTTP install of SUSE isn't any harder than Debian or Slackware, it's just not as straight forward as RedHat or Mandrake. Once installed, SUSE is as easy to maintain and setup as RedHat and Mandrake...
Thanks for the help. I kinda just gave up on the SuSE thing, and DLed the Redhat ISO's. Im sure Ill be back once I have problems with that.
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