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Hello ppl, hope someone can help with this...
I'm a linux newbie and have decided to stop playing around do something useful with it. Hence a Linux PDC using Samba. (redhat 8.2) I have tried various different smb.conf file, used my own/downloaded pre-configured versions/used swat to create them. I testparms reports no errors and the service starts. i can log in locally using the smbclient command. However none of my other networked machines winxp/95 can find the domain. I have tried logging in from another redhat machine again using the smbclient command however the connection is always refused. Any suggestions?? i've been staring wildly at the screen for too long now and i think i'm starting to lose my grip...
Verify that both nmbd and smbd are in fact running.

Look at the samba log files for any errors.

Make sure your firewall, its installed by default isn't blocking the samba ports, 137 - 139. You can disable the firewall by the command

iptables -F

Is the network in fact configured correctly? Can you ping the RH PC from the windows PC's?

Have you looked at the documentation a
Specifically, here is SAMBA PDC info:
Thanks! It was the firewall blocking the connection, but thats sorted now. I'm a very happy chap now, really surprised i managed to make my very own little domain!
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