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Full Version: Need Help Installing Driver
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I have a new install of Mandrake 9.1 and trying to install a driver to make my Intel CS330 webcam work with gnomemeeting.

I found a driver and downloaded it from

It has one file in it called "spca50x.o"

I also found a How-To located at

The directions speak of compiling the driver by source and using:

# Compile the driver from source
make KINCLUDE=/usr/src/linux/include

Ok....Now i'm lost. When I un-tar this file spca50x.o, what directory am I suppose to un-tar it to?????? What directory am I suppose to run this commmand (make KINCLUDE=/usr/src/linux/include) from????

Can somone please tell me step by step what I'm suppose to do. It looks like this how-to left out a bunch of least for a newbie like me.

Thanks guys!!

OK ... the file you have is already compiled ... it is the module file.

It probably is dependant on lots of things that you may not have loaded...What you need to do is download the Source files and compile them against your specific kernel:

Before compiling the the above driver, you will need to download the kernel-source for your current Mandrake kernel. To see if you already have kernel-source installed, use the command (at a terminal window):

rpm -qa | grep kernel

You will get all your kernel packages installed (including kernel-source if installed).

You can add kernel source (if necessary) by going to Mandrake Control Center, opening Software Managment and then opening RpmDrake +. I select all packages, alphabetical, then select kernel-sources for the kernel you have (ie if your kernel is 2.4.21.xxxx you get the 2.4.21.xxxx kernel-sources).

Before you start you will also need to copy the config file from your current kernel to the directory /usr/src/linux ... like this

cp /boot/config-2.4.21-0.18mdk /usr/src/linux/.config

Then change directories to /usr/src/linux and type the commands:

make oldconfig


make dep

Now you are ready to follow the directions of the driver installation program:

Here are instructions:

(you are ready to start after the 'make [config|menuconfig|xconfig]; make dep' line in the Compiling it section...

The ultrasoul directions you have are Debian specific and won't work with Mandrake...
I'm still lost.....

Thanks for the help but you still didn't tell me where i'm suppose to untar this "o" file that you said is the module. Where am I suppose to put it before I recompile the kernel? I have to put it somewhere and the readme doessn't say!?

What part of the ultra soul instructions are you speficially talking about that won't work with Mandrake?
What I am saying is that you don't need to download the module at all ... you need to build the module using the download and instructions in my other post. You are going to build a new module that will be installed when you do the command make install as part of the instructions...

The module you downloaded was built using a specific kernel ... and it will only work with that specific kernel ... and the chances are, it is not your instead, you will download the kernel source, the driver source and build a new module (for your kernel) per the site instructions.

The parts that are not applicable from the Debian instructions are:

There is no /etc/modules ... there is no apt-get .... you don't need to do KINCLUDE ....

....basically, just use the instructions I included as a link instead of the Debian instructions.
Ok, THanks! Now i understand.

One other question about this..

In the other instructions it mentions somthing about Video4Linux. Is that somthing I need to download and compile too?

Video for Linux is a Kernel Module ... it is normally already set as a Module in Kernel options ... so you shouldn't have to do anything with v4l.
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