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Full Version: Slackware Hangs After Lilo.
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I just completed an install of Slackware 9.0.
Im fairly new to linux but got my way throught he install and installed LILO onto a floppy with Linux as the only option. I used the first option in the LILO install menu( create new header) and I dont remember it giving me the option to add any other OS's.
This is my setup :
hda1 = winxp
hda2= linux ext3
hda5 =linux swap

I didnt want my windows touched or the MBR so i chose to install it onto floppy so if I wanted to use Linux I could just push the floppy in. Otherwise the system would just boot to Windows.
The problem is this.
Once my system starts and brings me to the LILO menu I choose Linux , hit enter and I see text for about a half a second and the system hangs. All I get is a black blank screen.
I did create a Linux boot disk besides the LILO floppy, and I have the 9.0.iso on cd.
I cant figure out why its hanging or how to get into my command line as root.
Has the floppy boot disk ever worked? Maybe you got a bad disk or something like that.

Is there a rescue mode on the slack 9 cd? I know redhat/mandrake have that sort of thing. You might be able to boot your system off that.

Why don't you want to install lilo into the MBR? You can simply add your xp partition to the lilo.conf file and be able to select linux or windows at boot time.
Well I finally got into slackare by botting to the CD, entering the live kernel and then mounting the floppy then doing a search for lilo.conf.
And then vi it .
It seems that there is no lilo config file created even though I see the lilo screen when I boot to the lilo floppy.
Very confusing. I may have to isntall it into my MBR after all the floppy method doesnt seem to be working.
You might as well just install lilo into the MBR.

In case you change your mind it's easy to remove it later on -
Ive done fixmbr many times before, thats why I wanted to aviod installing it there in the first place. Ive installe dmany distros of linux before and only now since I got my new system have I been having problems.
Ive heard it may be a frame buffer problem due ti me have 1GB of RAM.

So how do I install lilo now without having to go through the install process again. When Im in the Sclackware setup options, I try and enter" Configuration" ANd it wont let me. I have to do the full install just to get to one part at the end of the install.
I may have to look up installing lilo after install if its possible.
Go into fdisk on the first hard drive of your system, you have said previously it is /dev/hda ...

fdisk /dev/hda

use the fdisk command p to print the partition table ... /dev/hda1 should have an star in the bootable column ... if it is, I would use the a command to toggle it off, then use the w to write it to disk ... then go back into fdisk and use the a command to make hda1 bootable again ... then w to write and exit ... then run the command:


and if everything is setup properly in the /etc/lilo.conf file, it will write to mbr....

Here is a good lilo reference:
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