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Full Version: Keyboard Problem W/ Redhat 9
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Heres my problem: I'm trying to install RedHat Linux 9, it boots from the CD fine, and brings me to a point, where I can choose if I want to install or Upgrade Linux, and weather not I want a text or Graphical Display. To start graohical you press enter, so I do that. It continues until I'm prompted to check The CD media, only my keyboards doesn't seem to want to work anymore. It happens even if I choose text. I'm using the same keyboard now to type this message, so I don't think anythings wrong with the keyboard itself. My computer meets all the requirements of Redhat 9, but If you need to know my specs anyway, ask.
Well, what kind of keyboard do you have?
A Dell Enhanced Multimedia Keyboard, PS/2.
In that dialog box, you need to use your arrow keys to select Yes or No ..... and then the enter key to make a selection.

If your arrow keys aren't working, try your CAPS Lock and NUM Lock key and see if you get the lights going on and off on the keyboard. If the lights work, then turn off the Num Lock and try the arrow keys on the number pad (2, 4, 6, and 8) to try and move the selector for the media check dialog box...
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