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Full Version: New Linux User Needs Help
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I have recently converted to Linux from Microsoft. The Linux environment is new to me. Confused, but not totally lost.

1. Where can I get some third party drivers for my hardware? My hardware manufactorers doesn't have a Linux driver for their products. Especially my Linksys router and network adapter. Same with my Ericsson PipeRider cable modem.

2. I'm stuck in 600 x 480 resolution because during the installation, RedHat failed to find a driver for my monitor; there wasn't one available. Is there some way that I can increase the resolution to 1280 x 1024?

3. I can't do much in RH, so I booted my computer with the aid of Knoppix. This is how I was able to get online.

The problem is, I can't install anything in Knoppix. Because it keeps on asking me for the root password, which it doesn't work when I type it in.

4. I have some NTSF hard drives that I didn't connect back into my computer yet. But will Linux be able to reconize them? If no, what can I do to make Linux detect it and not risk losing the colossal data I have in it?
You meant you converted from Windows to Linux.

Most drivers or modules are included in the distro. Except for very new hardware. Such as onboard nForce network.

RH is alright, not great. Mandrake would be better. Just log in as root and set X up again manually. The problem was auto-detect.

For Knoppix install, go to

Yep, Linux reads NTFS, but writing is dangerous. If you wonder which OS is more prone to destroying data, it's Windows.
That's GNU/Linux.
Yes, this does matter......... Linux: kernel GNU/Linux: complete OS. Tada.
I searched right on this website for you screen resloution problem and came up with this:

I'm not sure why it RedHat won't save the results, are you using the progam /usr/bin/redhat-config-xfree86 (it is also on the standard menu at MenuButton-System Settings-Display) to make the changes (try running it from the command prompt...make sure you run it as root) ... If this doesn't work, you can enter the information manually by editing the file /etc/X11/XF86Config (or XF86Config-4). You need to restart X to see the changes....

IF you use the redhat-config-xfree86 program you should be able to set up your monitor. This should allow you to change the screen res.

I don't know about drivers for you NIC card but I don't think that you will need drivers for the cable modem or the router. Once you figure out what the drivers for the nic are, you will be able to get the rest working.
Knoppix is a German distro ... based on debian. It isn't as full-featured as RedHat, SUSE, Mandrake or Debian ... although you can use the Debian apt-get sites to upgrade Knoppix...

The programs supported by Knoppix directly are limited ... and if you change your setup to pull files directly from Debian, there are version conflicts to work out from the initial Knoppix install. The Debian, Gentoo and SUSE installs are to hard .... and if you already had trouble with redhat then...

I agree with jetblackz, I would recommend that you try Mandrake 9.1....
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