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Full Version: Help Please....having Major Boot/lilo Problems
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Ok, I have two disks.

Disk One: (hdb)
Windows XP NTFS Partition (hdb1)
/(Linux root) Partition (hdb5)
Linux Swap Partition (hdb6)
Linux /home Partition (hdb7)

Disk Two: (hdc)
Windows FAT32 (hdc1)

I installed Mandrake 9.1 and have tried to install Lilo on the MBR of hdb and get an L 02 02 02 02 02 error (the windows partition is active). I can make the bios boot from hdc also and get the same problem installing on the MBR there. I was going to try to install lilo on the "/" partition but I can't make it active using FDISK or Lilo. was working before using XP till I let lilo overwrite the MBR. Since then I've tried to remove lilo and it won't ..... says there is no lilo signature even though I get L 02 02 02 02 error. Well, I thought ok...I'll just intall lilo to a floppy. Same thing...I get the L 02 02 02 02 error there also. The only way I can boot is into linux from my Mandrake 9.1 CD or the boot disk I made during install.

HELP! Even Microsoft tech support had no clue what to do since they don't know a thing about LiLo.


Uhh what happened to hda ?

Check here for the lilo error codes:

Both my hard drives are slaves and I have cd-roms for the masters. I had to do this to make the system see everything.

I thought maybe that was the problem but it won't boot from a floppy also. When I try using grub I get a geom error.

After researching this I'm wondering if it is the bios and I should try the lilo "linear" or "lba" options, especially since I have an NTFS partition in front of my linux partitions on hdb.

I thought about trying to boot from hdc1 instead of hdc (MBR). I understand that you can copy certain files to a windows partition and boot from it but I don't know how to accomplish that.

Any suggestion ??? blink.gif

If your NTFS partition is larger 8gb then LILO isn't going to be able to see the /boot partition .... the boot must be within the 1st 8gb of the drive.

It is my understanding that LILO can boot from partitions larger than 8gb, but that the /boot directory (the kernel image) must be before the 1024 cyl (8gb) mark...

I also think that grub can boot even if the /boot partiton is > 8gb....

So, try booting in rescue mode (from the CD) and install grub ...
I have tried installing grub and get the "geom" error.
try this line right before the first image:

You read my mind. I tried to install System Commander and it said that I have a problem with lba conversion. It said that the disk was reporting different readings. So, I tried lba32 and I also tried linear but neither worked. Now I'm getting the L 99 error. I think what must have happend is that I was using something like EZ Boot and forgot that I was and when lilo wrote over the MBA it wrote over that also.

Any suggestion?
Try going into linux fdisk /dev/hdb1 and unmarking it as bootable ... the a command ... doing a write and quit w ... then go back into fdisk /dev/hdb1 and use a to toggle it back to bootable...w for write and quit and try to reboot....

before you do this change, make sure your bios is set to LBA mode and not CHS mode for the hard drive ... a good setting is normally auto for detect and auto for lba.....

Make sure to note what is in the bios so you can change it back if you need to...

If that doesn't work ... you can try booting from the XP CD and using the recovery console to do



.....try rebooting ...and if that works then use fdisk to set it up for linux

None of these things should hose any of your partitons
Partition magic is also another option ... it might be able to fix the partitions and the mbr ....
Ok, well. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have already tried everything you suggested. I finally found out that I had a bad partition. I removed one CD Rom and added another hard drive. I'm moving some of my files that are improtant to me that I want to keep and and then I will have to format the drive. I finally got lilo to work with the other drive I installed.

Thanks for all the help you supplied!
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