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I just installed RH9 and havin soem problems. X windows loads my desktop fine unless i choose. Video Acceleration option in video settings. Now i cant really run any games i want to play. Mainly what happens when i boot wnad x window starts my monitor looses the recived signal and my monitor dont come back on. If i disabled video acceleration everything is fine. wink.gif
What type of video card do you have? For nvidia type cards (riva, tnt, tnt2, gforce) the standard linux driver has no GLX support. Nvidia makes a driver that works much better for open gl(3D apps) and xv(video apps).

There are also accelerated drivers for ATI and S3...
Yea.. Ati Radeon 7000. I went to Ati site and they list some drivers for linux but only their top of the line cards. I was guessing the drivers you think thats what it is?, Not sure where to find drivers for my card to i searched google for awhile. smile.gif
As you said ... there is no optimized driver from ATI for this card....

However, here is a good driver that should work for radeon 7000:

DRI is included with the standard XFree86 install ... look in your XF86Config (or XF86Config-4) file in /etc/X11 directory. Make sure there is a load dri in the modules section and that the driver is radeon in the video card section. If that doesn't do it ... then look into the link above.
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