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I am using ipcop on a 64k isdn line and I want to use another ipcop machine on the second channel of the isdn line. Can I configure ipcop to force each machine to use their own isdn channel? I can't bond the two channels as the isp does not support 128k plus I may wish to use two different isp's. Any advice would be appreciated. cool.gif
I assume that you mean you are using the IPCop firewall to connect to your ISDN modem via an ethernet card....I also assume you have a network of other computers on your side of the firewall that you are going to try to have go out the 2 lines...and that you are using an internal network number (192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, or 172.16.x.x) on the inside machines.

If I am correct in my assumptions ... you can probably add the second line by adding another network card to your firewall machine ... and not need a whole other machine (see Adding a 2nd Red Interface. The configuration would be 2 real IP addresses on the internet side (on seperate cards) and 1 card on the inside. The programing of rules will get complicated though, because in order to make traffic go out seperate interfaces, you will have to set up a way to manually split your traffic (reguardless of if you have 2 machines or 1) .

The easiest way to do this is to have 2 internal networks, for example and Split the IPs of the internal machines so half your bandwidth (on average) is on each network ... the IPCop internal card will need 2 IP addresses (one on each network ... like and ... the setup of IPCop would then be open everything between the 2 internal networks and allow routing from and ... route all outbound traffic from out red port 1 and all outbound traffic from out red port 2...

You would also ahve to manually set all the internal IPs.

I have an ipcop machine as a firewall on my network which currently dials up on isdn at 64k. I want a separate ipcop machine with another squid cache to also dial up on isdn but on the other channel, basically I am spreading my backhaul across a variety of providers, also using a 56k dial up and one way satellite. Hope this makes it a little clearer and perhaps you can help again, I want to force the two ipcop machines to use channel 1 and channel 2 , one channel allocated to one machine.

Thanks for your help, good response from my first post! biggrin.gif
I have no experience with ISDN dial-up ... only permanently conencted networks. I also don't specifically know IPCop ... but I do know IPCHAINS / IPTABLES.

But if you want one cache, then I think it would be better to do this on one machine ... how does the ISDN modem connect to your linux box ...

Will there be a second modem provided by the service provider?

I can help with the inside network design, but not the ISDN dialup....

One ipcop machine has an internal PCI TA to dial up the ISDN, a second uses an external modem to dial up on a 56k line and another is connected to a one way satellite. I intend to duplicate the ISDN ipcop machine but as I said before, force it to use a specific ISDN channel and the other one to do the same on the other channel. Cache is working great, each ipcop machine has a substantial cache as does my internal cache server. Maybe I should post to the IPCOP pages, but I haven't seen anyone else try and do this. We don't have ADSL where I am and leased lined are pricey so hence the use of ISDN, sat and dial-up. Thanks again for you help, I'll let you know if I get this fixed. cool.gif
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