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Full Version: Newbie Sound Card Help Please
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I am a linux newbie and have a Maxi Sound 64 sound card and have not had luck with getting Mandrake 9.1 to make it work. After scouring the internet I have found out that there is a driver that will make it work. The driver is sam9407. I downloaded the source code but when I try to compile it I get all kinds of errors so I have been looking for an .rpm that has been compiled. The only one I found was made for the SuSe distro. Will that work on Mandrake? I thought it may and installed it but so far am still not having luck. Is there anything bad about installing a rpm that was made for a different distro? Should I uninstall that?

I did find a Kernnel rpm that says it has the sam9407 drivers built in if I understand it right but I'm not sure what it does. Does it rebuild the Kernnel of does it just add extra stuff?

the link is:

I also found this and again....i'm not sure what it does but it says it has support for the drivers. I did install this one but don't know what to do now?!?


Please excuse my ignorance but I am new to linux and still learning. Please help if you can....


The company that makes this card provides no support for Linux ... And if this is an ISA (not a PCI) card, I would go buy a soundblaster for $30.00 ( Here)

I found this concerning your sound card:

The above link is very old ... but it tells us the 2 modules that you need to load. They are sam9407 and ESS1868. You shouldn't have to make the modules though.

Here is a link, look at the SAM9407 section and the ESS1868 section. (Also good info...shouldn't need to build the modules here either.)
OK ... the card is actaully supported in Mandrake using the modules sb (for the ESS1868) and sam9407 (for the sam9407), but in order to properly load the drivers you might have to know everything about them ... (irq used, memeory locations, etc...).

First, see if you have the modules needed on your system:

modinfo sb

modinfo sam9407

(the sam9407 is not super important unless you want to play midi files).

Try these commands (within a terminal window):


(shows all kernel modules loaded ... save this to a text file and later see if any of the sound modules loaded).

If you had the modules loaded, then try this (for each module that is on your system):
modprobe sb esstype=1868

modprobe sam9407

Now do another lsmod to see if either module loaded ... also the output of the modprobe will give some indication of if anything was found.
Thanks hughes....

That was some great info. Unflortuntley I'm still having problems and will probably just get a sound blaster.
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