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Full Version: Install Another G++ Version?
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When I installed redhat 8.0 on machine A, g++ version 3.2 was automatically installed.
However, it seems to have problem compiling some C++ programs. These programs compile OK on another machine B running redhat 7.2 with g++ 2.96

I was wondering : what can I do now? Can I just download g++ 2.96, untar it somewhere in machine A, edit my personal path... so that whenever in my user account, when g++ is called, version 2.96 will be invoked?

Are there any complications?

Yee Seng.
All you have to do is install the compat rpms....these are for RH9

There are similar version for RH8...

if you have and up2date account at redhat, you can install the latest updated version like this:

up2date compat-libstdc++ compat-libstdc++-devel compat-gcc-c++ compat-gcc

Or install rpm -Uvh from the RH 8.0 disks in the RPMS directory.

Now you can run a 2.96 gcc as: gcc296 and a 2.96 g++ as: g++296 You can do this export before you compile as well. ... or issue make commands like this:

CC=gcc296 make
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