I am running Red Hat Linux 9 and sharing an Epson 880 printer. All disk shares work perfectly, but I cannot print to the Samba shared printer from my Windows XP Home computer. When I click 'Add Printer' in Windows XP, it sees the share for the printer and tells me the driver is wrong on the server (probably because it is for a Linux machine). I then install the Windows XP driver for my Epson 880 and the icon in windows shows I have a networked printer. However, when I mouse over the icon it says, "Access Denied, Unable to Connect". I have made sure to log into WinXP as the same user and password as one of my users on the Linux machine. Whats more, the guest account maps to the same user account on Linux. I have write permission on the spool directory and /dev/null (I have been reading extensively on this problem). I can test print in linux no problem using the same account with which I log into WinXP. The printer is set to allow all hosts in Linux. Testprns shows no errors. I am totally baffled on this one. Why does it see the printer, allow installation, and then say I am disconnected? Any suggestions?