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Full Version: Scripting To Correct Double Time On Hyper-threaded
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Hi All

Have a new dedicated server that is hyper-theard enabled, as a result the system time is running at double speed!!!

The providers are trying to sort this but mean time it's making my logs unusable.

Does anyone have an idea how I might use cron and date or anything else to reset the system time.

I was thingking of somehting like a cron.hourly that would make the system time = system time - one hour. But I have no knowledge of programming cron jobs and don't know where to start.

Any ideas greatly apprciated.

what kernel are you using ... most 2.4.17 (or higher) SMP kernels should work fine with hyper-thread processors....

Here is some info:

Is this a linux or a system bios issue? Can you go to the bios and let it set for 10-20 miuntes and see what happens with the BIOS time ?
your best option would be to use ntp, because it makes automatic adjustments as necessary to maintain the current time.

What distro are you using?

(NTP connects to time servers and adjusts your clock based on the time server ... there are many public NTP servers all over the world ... most distros include NTP ... here is more info).
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