Right to the point, I have a MS Sidewinder gamepad which is connected to my SB live via the gameport on it. Mandrake detects it as "unknown" and when I try to config it in teh hardware drake, the whole thing freezes up.

I found an old message that said to add the following lines to my /etc/modules:

modprobe -v gameport
modprobe -v input
modprobe -v joydev
modprobe -v emu10k1-gp
modprobe -v analog
jstest /dev/js0

which I did, but it still doesn't help. When testing them out on the command line, they all loaded something, but jstest wasn't found on my system. So I went out, found and downloaded some joystick ultils. joystick-1.2.15-2mdk which contains jstest, jscal, and jsattach. Reboot and did the modprobe commands on the commandline again. Now they all load something again, but when I do jstest the screen fills up with an endless loop running off the screen of button 1 on button 2 off, etc, over and over. When I go into a prog that uses it, the gamepad is always pointing up now. I tryed running jscal and it complained about mismatched versions then when it tryed to calibrate the gamepad it auto registered up for everything.

So question: Help! How do I make it work? I would really enjoy using it in things like ZSNES and so on. Keep in mind, I really don't know much about linux yet.

Thanks for any anwsers!