Hello, I am new to this forum and new to Linux so apologies in advance for mistakes! I hope this is the right place to post my question. I have installed Mandrake 9.1 on my Dell C840 notebook, alongside Windows XP. I have installed the drivers for my modem, which is a PCTEL 2304WT V.92 which I believe is a win modem, by following the instructions on this website "http://www.mit.edu/~matthew1/c840/c840_setup.html", this is exactly what I did.

However, when I try to use my modem to connect to my ISP, Freeserve, using kppp which came with Linux, it dials the number but never connects. It waits for a long time, with the log reading "Expected: Connect", but this never happens. I set up kppp according to these instructions

I connect to Freeserve fine using Windows btw. In case this is relevant, when I select the "query modem" option in kppp, it gets to 100% complete, but each of the boxes are emtpy, i.e. it does not seem to return any information. I do not therefore know if the problem is with the modem.

Does anybody have any advice or can point me in the right direction? Any help is appreciated.