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Full Version: Ssh Connection Problems
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Hello, I have a server setup with ssh listening on port 22. My server is protected with iptables which allows access to port 22. When on the network, I don't have a problem connecting, but outside of the network, I can't ssh in. I've setup the server as a DMZ host to debug, but still can't get through. On the same network PCAnywhere is connecting to a windows server. Any ideas on what might be the problem?
Can you bring down the firewall and try connecting? If it connects then there is a problem with your IPTables.

As well you might want to check the sshd_config file to ensure that you have the proper IP's allowed.
Thanks for the quick response joey,

I went and got the server so I can work on it locally, and shutdown iptables. I still couldn't connect from outside the LAN. When I do a port scan from outside the LAN the server doesn't respond at any port. Is there a program other than iptables which might install with RedHat 9.0 that would allow access from inside the LAN but block everything else?

Just some extra info, setting up a windows computer as dmz host and portscanning the network shows the ports that that the windows server is supposed to have open/closed, so it has something to do with my server. I'm shutting down iptables with the /etc/init.d/iptables stop command, is that right? I did take a look at sshd_config, everything looked kosher. I've also looked at /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny, they're empty, so from what I understand, they'll allow any host to connect.
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