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Full Version: Linux Hang On Pcmcia Eject Action
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I am trying to run Mandrake 9.1 on my IBM T22 laptop. I have numerous problems, but here is the first:

I am using a Netgear WLAN PCMCIA card for network access. This works fine. However, if I try to eject it, it causes Linux to hang. I can insert it and cardmgr recognizes it and loads the appropriate drivers. After tracing cardmgr actions, I can discern upon ejection that it invokes the script "./network stop eth1" then hangs. I presume it then hangs when it tries to unload the drivers.

However, if I manually execute "./network stop eth1", then eject the card, the OS remains up and running.

Any ideas?
This sounds like a bug .... searching the net reveals this happens with alot of cards.

I think the problem is that the network script doesn't know how to handle the hardware not being there. When it tries to shutdown ... so if you can run the script first then remove the card, it would be good smile.gif

Are you using yenta_socket or cs-pcmcia to control the PCMCIA slot?

I newer kernel might work better with hotswapping PCMCIA....The next release of Mandrake 9.2 beta is supposed to use the 2.6 kernel ... but I wouldn't try an upgrade on an important machine
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