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Hi guys,
I have mplayer installed and frankly it works just fine. But now i also would like to play QuickTime mov files as well as RealMedia files. Unfortunately when I installed it I didn't have those codecs. So what do I have to do now - recompile or uninstall the previous or just add the new codecs?
Thanks in advance!
Did you install it from source or as a package?

If from source, then download the latest CVS from here:

You will also need to login to the FFmpeg cvs site and download the latest libavcodec are directions from the MPlayer CVS 08/02/03 version:

To get the FFmpeg sources, use the following commands in a suitable directory
outside the MPlayer source directory:
cvs login
cvs -z3 co ffmpeg/libavcodec
When asked for a password, you can just hit enter. A directory named 'ffmpeg'
with a subdirectory named 'libavcodec' inside will be created. Copy (symbolic
linking does NOT suffice) this subdirectory into the MPlayer source tree.

If you want live streaming then you probably also want to download and install the latest libraries as well...look here for basic install nfo:

(search that page for

Here is a copy of the configure line I use to rebuild MPlayer (the configure line starts with ./configure and ends with --disable-inet6) ... everything else is one line:

./configure --enable-live --enable-gui --with-codecsdir=/usr/lib/win32 --with-reallibdir=/usr/src/Real/Codecs/ --disable-inet6

If you go up in the terminal you can see what input and output devices and what video and audio codecs are going to be compiled in ... and adjust as necessary to get all the things you want....

Then just do:


make install
I installed, DivX4/DivX5, Quicktime, Win32 codecs, XviD, an real codecs as well as all the optional software in the Software requirements: section of the install link above ... and now I can play almost everything in MPlayer.

If you install MPlayer as a package, you only have what was compiled in to it....
Thanks alot!
I installed it from source (a tar file). Since I'm a newbie I just want to make sure:
I'm typing this command in the same directory where I did that before (where the old source is), right?
and what about the quicktime codecs? I see you enable the Real and win32 codecs but didn't see an option for QT. I have an archive with a bunch of dlls that says QT6dlls.
Thanks again.

btw I use RedHat9 if it matters
I put all the other codecs (except realplayer ... because it was already installed) in the win32 directory ... when you run the .configure command, go up about 10-15 lines from the bottom output (inside your terminal) and look for these lines:

Enabled optional drivers:
Input: network tv-v4l edl tv mpdvdkit2 vcd
Codecs: qtx divx5linux xvid libdv libavcodec real xanim dshow/dmo win32 faad2 libvorbis libmad gif
Audio output: esd oss sdl mpegpes(file)
Video output: xvidix sdl vesa gif89a jpeg png mpegpes(file) fbdev opengl dga xv x11 xover
Disabled optional drivers:
Input: tv-bsdbt848 matroska cdda dvdnav dvdread dvdcss smb
Codecs: divx4linux libtheora liblzo
Audio output: sgi sun alsa arts dxr2 nas win32 macosx
Video output: bl zr dxr3 dxr2 directx svga aa ggi xmga mga xvmc directfb tdfx_vid tdfxfb 3dfx
I always copy the source directories I want to keep to /usr/src ... so I have my Mplayer files is /usr/src/MPlayer-20030802.

Yes ... you can use the old source files you have to reinstall the same version you previously had ... I normally download the CVS player every couple weeks (it has all the latest features), but if you do download CVS, remember to get the latest libavcodec directroy from FFmpeg...otherwise, just change directories to the extracted mplayer files and do the ./configure line .... you will need to substitute the actual path you used for the codecs ... if you have an installed codec or library and it is not found, use the command ./confgure --help to find out how to pass the location into the configure script.
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