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Full Version: Please Help With Makefile & Hal+hal
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Hi I am trying to install a driver for my modem, I am using mandrake 8.0,
I also would like to install a new kernel.

Here is the read me file for the modem driver. How do I use hal=hal ? also when I use "make"... I have included a screen shot of the shell.
Thanks for all the help

PCTEL Linux PCI driver, version 0.9.6

This package contains the PCTEL driver for various PCTEL modems for linux.
It is meant for kernel 2.4.x, up to 2.4.18 so far.

0) Unpack the tarball by typing "tar zxvf pctel-0.9.6.tar.gz"

1) Go into that directory by typing "cd pctel-0.9.6"

2) Find out what chipset you have in your board:

3) ./configure

Select one of: pct789, cm8738, i8xx, sis, via686a

If you don't have your kernel sources at /usr/src/linux, specifiy
your includes

4) Compile the modules by typing "make"

5) If everything went fine, get root by typing "su"

7) Install the drivers by typing "make install"

8) You are now ready to use your modules.
Type "insmod pctel" and "insmod ptserial".

You should see in your logs ("tail /var/log/messages") something like:
May 16 23:28:17 suba kernel: PCTel initialization. Country code is 2.
May 16 23:28:17 suba kernel: PCTel device[00:11.0](0x88) found "PCTel Inc HSP MicroModem 56 (rev 01)" IOBASE 0xe800 IRQ 9.
May 16 23:28:17 suba kernel: PCTel driver version 0.9.6 [5.05c-4.27.215 (09-14-2001)]] (PCT789) (2001-08-18) with MANY_PORTS SHARE_IRQ SERIAL_PCI enabled.
May 16 23:28:17 suba kernel: PCTel driver built on [Linux 2.4.8 i686 unknown] with [2.95.3].
May 16 23:28:17 suba kernel: ttyS15 at 0xe800 (irq = 9) is a PCtel

You can always uninstall the modules by typing "make uninstall". If you
need to recompile the modules, "make clean" and "make" are your friends.
I don't think you untared the file correctly. You need to specify the complete filename. I didn't see where the file was uncompressed without errors.

Change to the directory where the tar.gz file is located and type in this command exactly.
tar zxvf pctel-0.9.6.tar.gz
If there are errors the file might of been corrupted during downloading.

Go into that directory by typing "cd pctel-0.9.6"
You should see a bunch of source files.
Here is the step you need.
./configure --with-hal-sis
now do
make install (as root)
Continue with the instructions.
Hopefully there wouldn't be any more errors.
Thanks for the reply I'll give that a shot biggrin.gif
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