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Full Version: This Is A Stupid Question, Well 2 Stupid Questions
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ok so I just got xwindows started now the next thing the book says to do is edit /etc/inittab but it doesnt say how.

Then the next thing in the book is using man. So it says type in man man and great I find the man page but it doesnt say how to exit it.

Any way I would appreciate any help on these trivial matters

Eweda Maan
To exit a man page, use the q.

Linux has many editors ... if you are using the gnome window manager and have gedit installed, I like it.

On most linux distros, gedit is on the start menu - under Accessories - select Text Editor.

You could also type gedit.

A good editor outside of X-Windows is nano .... if you have it installed. If using nano, I use nano -w filename when editing so it doesn't wrap text lines.

I personally use vim as my editor, both inside and outside of X-Windows ... but that is because I learned to use vi on Unix many years ago. Old habits die hard!
To exit man pages press the the q letter key.

There are a bunch of different text editors both console and GUI based that are probably installed. If you want additional help specify desktop you are using and wether you want a console or GUI editor.

BTW You need to be logged in as root to edit anything in the /etc/ directory.
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