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I use Opera as my default browser. I haven't installed it, I start it with the command "./opera" in Opera's directory. If I type only "opera" it won't work. So I wondered if I could make a shortcut so that I can start it from the desktop. But when I make a shortcut to that "opera" file the system only displays it.
What do I have to do?

What distribution are you using?
What distribution version are you using?
What desktop are you using?
What is the path to Opera?
when you type ./opera it means run a file named opera in your current directory ... when you just type opera it means run a file named opera fom the PATH ...

so it means you don't have the file named opera in your path!

you can fix the shortcut 1 of 3 ways....

1. you can point to the full path of the file named opera in the opera directory for the shortcut ... for example if the opera file is in /opt/opera/bin then use:


as the path for the shortcut....

2. Create a link from a directory in your path to the opera file ... so it appears to be in that if the path to opera is /opt/opera/bin/opera you would first change to a directory in your path like /usr/bin :

cd /usr/bin

then you would type the following command:

ln -s /opt/opera/bin/opera opera

then if you do the following command:

ls -al /usr/bin/* | grep opera

you should see:

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 213 Jul 29 03:27 opera -> /opt/opera/bin/opera

(the permissions, owner,size, etc might be different)

After you do this, the command opera typed from any directory or opera as a shortcut will now run the browser.

3. Add the opera directory that contains the file opera to your path

Edit the file .bash_profile in your home directory and add this as the bottom line in the file:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/opera/bin

type the command (from the users home directory):

source .bash_profile

(or just log out and log back in as that user).

All the examples assume the file named opera is in the directory /opt/opera/bin ... you will need to substitute your actual opera directory for /opt/opera/bin ....

I would recommend doing #2
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