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Full Version: Linux Networking Locks Down?
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Hi, I have a system that I work on only via SSH. recently the system has started to 'lock down' seemingly sparatically (though it could be something i'm doing that's triggering it). The system will respond to pings, but SSH will not work, and the webpage hosted on it is no longer accessable. When I try to reach the webpage in IE, I just get 'website found, waiting for reply' and the page never loads.

the only way to get it out of this state (atleast remotely) is to forcefully reboot it.

any idea where the problem might be?
What type of network is this?

What SSH software are you using?

What distribution/version are you running?
I'm running redhat 9
it's a regular TCP/IP network. The server is several hops away though, and across the country.
I'm running 'ssh secure shell' as the client, but i'm posative this is not the issue.
as for on the server, just the SSH daemon that's part of redhat...

Question about runlevels- Is there something that would cause processes at higher runlevels to die, but processes on runlevel 2 (where ping resides, as I understand it) to remain running? would there be consiquences to making
just checked. SSHD is also runlevel 2. Any thoughts?
I doubt its a problem with SSHD. Like you said the webserver goes dead too. It sounds like a networking problem. How is the machine connected to the net?
via fixed ethernet connection to switch, and then to a cisco catylist (sp?) router. i have a windows box plug into the same unmanged linksys switch. no problems there.
Have you checked your logs during the times when it goes down?

Have a look at /var/log/messages and the various other ones in /var/log to see if anything odd is going on.
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