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Full Version: Help! Lilo 22.4.1 Loading Map..
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i am online now, so anyone willing to help me out, i will be here! i am desprate!! PLeasE!!!

....I just dont understand whats happening... I dont understand linux very well and at least an explaination of what the hell is happening would help and how to mend it!

my friend installed mandrake 9(something) on my computer, and I wanted to switch it back to windows2000. ok. so we popped it in the cdrom drive, but it didnt self boot. so he fiddled and set my computer to not go to the menu (i think that is called lilo) or anywhere, it loads my 128ram, or shows it doing so on the screen, and then it goes to a screen that says LILO 22.4.1 loading map.. and nothing else, and i can not even type on it. I began to install it, and reformatted my harddrive, then it says it needs to restart to continue the setup, but, after it reboots, it doest go into anything, it just restrats the reformating process again.... or if i dont press a button after 5 secs goes to the lilo 22.4.1 loading map saying....I know he set my computer to not go to this menu and to begin to boot off my cdrom drive, but i dont know how to change it! I even looked through my BIOS and i dont know what to do! I Need help so badly! I will be so gratiful for anyone's help!!! what shoud I do?

I want to fix it so it loads straight into the operating system, and not do nothing like it is now...but it only lets me view my bios, and thats it!!!!

Please help me!

ok, maybe this can help....

when I go to setup 2000, it asks me to select a, i guess, partition, to install 2000 on. Well, before I formatted it, the first option said it was either unformated or damaged (maybe that is where linux was) and the last 3 options are the same as they are now, which are the following:

C: NTFS (Used to say unformated or damaged) 31910 MB
Unknown 3514 MB
Unknown 494 MB
Unknown 2243 MB

Do I need to delete the last 3 partitions in order to get rid of linux or what? I dont want to perminatly mess up my computer, which is what i think I am doing.....I just dont know what is going on!
You can delete the linux partitions and use W2k diskmanager to create a new partition. If you want to c: to use the entire disk you will need to delete everything and start over or use Partition Magic to resize the disk.
are the linux partitions the 'unknown' partitions?

i just want to get rid of linux completely, reinstall windows, and then deal with linux later...maybe... I am willing to startover, in fact I already reformatted the C:, so everything is gone now anyways.

right now, the "lilo 22.4.1 loading map.." message comes up and then I cannot to anything, like type, eventhough there is a curser below it and blinking....
If you want to remove the Lilo or Grub boot loader from your system (if you are uninstalling linux etc) follow the procedures below:

For Windows 95/98 etc:
Use a dos boot disk and at the command prompt type:
fdisk /mbr

For Windows XP: Boot off the XP Installation CD and go into rescue mode. From there run the command:
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