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Full Version: Hlds 3111 Help
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I want to run a dedicated Half Life Counterstrike and Day of Defeat Servers on my Linux box, but I don't have any idea how to do it. The file names are:
HLDS Full Install (ds_l_3111_full.bin)
Counterstrike 1.5 Full Install (_15_full.tar.gz)
Day of Defeat 1.0 Full Install (dod_v10_linux.tar.gz)

How do I go about installing these files? I know that you are supposed to just be able to click on the .bin file and it will do it automatically, but it does not work. An error message pops up and says that there is no way to open the file. Thanks for any help.

Red Hat 9
ok i think i got it to install - not sure though - but i am sure that it doesnt work. o well i can handle it from here - it was a dumb question to begin with. thanks anyway. one more thing. i have updated my kernel twice, but the old versions still appear on my GRUB (so now there are 3 linux choices - all of the kernels i have used - and windows) how do i make the two older ones disappear and only have my most recent kernel and windows?
I believe you can edit the grub.conf file located in /boot or /boot/grub (I still use lilo).

To fully remove the old kernels from your system you will have to uninstall them. Run the following:

rpm -qa |grep kernel

This will give you a list of kernels installed. Then you can run

rpm -e kernelname-version
thank u
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