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Full Version: Install Prob's
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Hi Ahilliar, just a quick note to say I empathise with you as no one has bothered to reply to my post either and it would appear we are having almost identical problems as I am also having problems with vid config and an nvidia card as well. It occurs to me that as we are both having the same problem that this is almost certainly something some one knows about. Perhaps it happens so often they are just bored telling people how to sort it or perhaps it just isn't interesting enough. Given all the hype about how crap windows is and how people really should get into Linux as it's so much better and I keep hearing how the Linux community really help each other out. There aint much sign of it here.

Show me one paragraph on this site that says how crap windows is.

Sorry, we aren't paid to sit here and help little whiners with their problems, we do it out of our own free time. If someone knows the answer to your problem they will reply, otherwise they wont.

Learn to search and read mailing lists.
It people like this who should stick to windows
I do agree with Joey with his statement above, we do not get paid to do this, when we can answer a question, we will. We rely on the help of visitors often.

We also rely on visitors attempting to find answers themselves before posting. Like, for example, a quick look at NVidia's website shows that they have their own Support forums for linux users, with employees of NVidia posting there often.
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