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any one knows how do i access fat32 files on a linux redhat8...
heres the deal..

i have 20gb hdd
with C: fat32 ... (primary partition )
d: also fat32 ... (logical partion of extened one)

then i have 3 linux partion ... swampspace boot ext3 ...

i have windows xp on c: and redhat 8 ... i want to access my c: and d: while i am botted up with ... linux... if anyone knows how please help ...

trouble is i doun't know the linux names of my hdd ... for example if windows names a partion c: ... what name does linux gives to it... if there is a way to find that out...
Welcome to linux.

These are very common questions asked and I am sure if you search the site or the web you can find lots of answers.

I will assume your XP partitions are NTFS. Redhat does not include ntfs filesystem support in its default kernel. NTFS write support is experimental and not recommended.

To see how your disk is partitioned you can use fdisk (logon as root)
fdisk -l /dev/hda (thats a small L)

/dev/hda is 1st ide controller master
/devhdb is 1st ide controller slave
/dev/hdc is 2nd ide controller master
/dev/hdd is 2nd ide controller slave
etc. etc etc

Partitions are labeled hda1, hda2, ...

see man pages for mount and fstab for help mounting.
Some ther webstites for linux help:
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