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Hey everyone.

I'm a linux newbie, and I have just successfully installed Mandrake Linux 9.1 on my Laptop. I grabbed a few tarballs and was attempting to install them. I read somewhere that in order to install those, I need to unzip and untar them (I FINALLY figured out how to do that) then run:

make install

Is this right? It wont work.

When I type ./ configure I get an error that says:

"No such file or directory"

When I type make make I get:

"/bin/sh: line 1: gtk-config: command not found"

Then the compiler fails.

Any suggestions for how to fix this??

I read the thread in the PAQ, but don't know where to get the files, or if I need them or what. What I DO know is that I have a C compiler from the Mandrake CD.

Installation instructions vary. The best thing to do is after you unzip/untar the file, change into the newly created directory and look for an INSTALL or README file. These will likely contain installation instructions and system requirement info.
I did that. Didn't really give any directions, except one said to run ./configure, make and make install.

It does this for EVERY program I try to install, so i don't think it's a program to program issue, but then since I've never used Linux before, you'd know, not me. unsure.gif
You probably didnt install any development stuff like gcc, make, etc. If you have the CD you can install the stuff off there. I think theres an "add / remove programs" thing in mandrake, you might be able to use that too.
I got GCC, anybody know the specific names of the tools, or what they need to do? It offers a decent description of each. I'd install them all, but I'm on a Laptop with only 1.2 gigs, so it's a bit tight for space.
If you're tight for space etc why dont you just find the RPM of whatever it is you're trying to install rather then trying to compile the source code. Check out
Were you trying to run the configure file from the same directory where the configure is located?

um...ok, back up.

I got the configure to work once I installed autoconf. Now the problem is only when I run make. It is the one from above:

"/bin/sh: line 1: gtk-config: command not found"

Any suggestions?
You're going to run into tons of errors like that, each prompting you to install another dev package.
Ok, so I need GTK?
Ah, figured it out. I forgot to download Mandrake Disc 2, which has all that stuff on it in RPM files. Much better.

Man I feel dumb, but It's not the first time.
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