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Full Version: Oracle 9i Installation On Rh Linux 7.3
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I m new to Linux. Recently i have installed RH Linux 7.3 on my P-IV machine. I want to install Oracle 9i on it. After mounting CD1 & submitting all the parameters, it was started. On reaching 37%, it asked for 2nd CD. For taking our the CD1 from CD-ROM, I had to un-mount the CD1. I inserted CD2 and press continue. After few minutes a messages poped up as... 'You may not have enough space to write to /tmp/OraInstall/temp8. Please create more space at this location and try again'

As I m new, I do not know how to create more space & continue my installation.

Pls. help me.

Thanks in advance.


Can you run:

df -h

And copy/paste the results here.
Dear Joey,

Pls. find herewith the result of df -h command

[vijay@LINUX-SRV vijay]$ df -h
Filesystem size used Avail Use% Mount
/dev/hda5 372M 353M 2.0k 100% /
/dev/hda1 45M 8.7M 34M 21% /boot
/dev/hda3 9.5G 1.1G 8.0G 12% /home
none 124M 0 124M 0% /dev/shm
/dev/hda2 26G 1.3G 23G 6% /usr
/dev/hda7 251M 38M 200M 16% /var
[vijay@LINUX-SRV vijay]$

Please note : I have specified the Oracle Home installation path as /home/vijay/OraHome

Waiting for your valuable reply.


Vijay smile.gif
Your / partition is full (very bad). Try deleting some stuff on it or moving it around.

Oracle install is trying to write to /tmp which is in the / partition so since its full its failing. You can also move your /tmp folder onto your /usr partition and that will give it enough space.
Dear Joey,

Thaks for your reply. I m really new to Linux. Could u please suggest me some steps to do that ? Is there any GUI utility to do the same ?

Thank u very much for your speedy help. smile.gif


Sorry I figured that if you were trying to install oracle you knew your way around linux smile.gif

Move your /tmp folder to /usr/newtmp:

mv /tmp /usr/newtmp

Then link /tmp to the new directory:

ln -s /usr/newtmp /tmp

Then try the install again.
Hi Joye,

Thanks a lot.


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