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Full Version: Logging To My Computer Via Ssh
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Hello, I'm trying to log through my computer via ssh when using another computer ..

However, even though I can log with ssh when I'm on the same computer, I don't know how to log on this computer with another one. Must I specify a unique IP which I will log onto or a domain name .. ?

Also, I plan on starting my own ftp ..

Is that possible with ssh alone ?
You need to specify either an IP or hostname.

For example:

ssh -l username hostname/ip

ssh -l joey

ssh -l joey

SSH is not really an FTP server. You can use SCP (secure copy) to move files back and forth but I don't think that's what you are looking for.
I knew that ..
I often use ssh to log on other computers ...

but I want to start a server on my computer so I can log onto it....
specifications ...

I named my computer ...

I'd like to publish that name or IP on the web so I can log onto it elsewhere ..!
then you just use ssh....
why do you need to publish the name on the net if you already know it
But if somebody else has taken the IP used for my computer ..

for instance, I use the ip for my computer...

I have logged on an other computer using ssh ..

from that computer I'm trying to relog on my computer using the following command

ssh -l username ....

It seems to search for the corresponding computer but finds nothing ...

what do I do ???
You wont be able to get in that way since 127 is a local address, it wont resolve on the net.
then may I know what ranges of IP I can use on the net ...??????????????????????
You can't just up and pick an IP you have to use whatever your ISP has given you.
I had already found that answer from that point ...

but I still have question ..

is it possible to log on my account using ftp
such as ftp://username@IPaddress

Also, how can I log with ssh using my computer name ..
instead of ssh username@IPaddress ==> ssh username@localhost.localdomain ...??
how do you connect to the internet...
through a router?
do you have a static ip address or dhcp for your router...

if you have a router...which since you are using a 127. ip range address
then you need to either use the ip assigned to you by your isp
or buy a domain and the set the domain to point to your ip address
using dns...else if you have a dynamic ip address you need to
find a service that provides dynamic ip assigning to your domain...
then you need to forward port 22 to which ever computer you want
to connect to and the ip address of that computer in the router....
I connect using a modem, so it's a dynamic ip ...

still, that doesn't tell me if it's possible to start a ftp ??
what kind of modem do you have
what kind of connection do you have
are you behind a router or some type of firewall

this way i can give you a better answer
it's an old Rockwell v.34 pnp , 28.8 kbps
nothing fancy ...

simple tone dialup connection

I don't use any routing nor firewalls (though setting up my firewalls could be a good idea)
you can use sftp to transfer files in a secure manner

e.g. sftp w.x.y.z

you will then be prompted for your password
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