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Full Version: Redhat 9 And Win2k Dual Boot
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hi guys, im now running red hat 9 and i want to be able to get to my win2k on a separate partition. after bios run it gives me the options to pick between either 9.0 or 2k and i pick windows it starts to load and right before it gets to the screen that lets you type in your account name and password it automatically shuts down and restarts... can any one help me out? thanks
No idea sorry. You might want to try an XP forum if there is such a thing.
Im not sure I understand what is happening.

I think to get windows and Linux to install together in a duel boot situation you need to install windows 1st then Linux.
i did have windows installed first, i had win2k on one partition and xp pro on another with a 60gig one for media. i formatted the xp pro to run redhat 9 and then left the win2k for the dual boot.
Are you able to log into the Linux partition?

Check out this link:

It has to do with where your boot loader is set. This artical talks about Lilo and it sounds like you are using GRUB, but I think that the theory is the same. The linux boot loader will over write NTLOADER if placed in the Master boot record. It would have to be placed on a /boot partition.

Im just a newbe so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. Anybody else have any thoughts?

Keep us up to date on what happens
yeah, im on redhat 9 right now.
I changed my last post -- above
see, thats the thing, win2k comes up in the graphical list but when i click on it, it starts to load and then shuts down and restarts automatically.
IM stumped!
let me know if figure out what the problem is. Sorry I could not help more.
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