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Full Version: Resolution Problems Under Gnome / Mandrake 9.1
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Hey Guys,
I installed a copy of Mandrake 9.1 today and after playing with it for a while I chose to have a look at my GNOME and play with it a little, I wasn't getting everything in the screen so I changed the resolution to 1024X768 and it asked me to log off and back in ,.. after I did this my screen just went black. I restarted my machine and I still can't see a thing when I choose Linux,.. ( windoze still works)

Any way to change the resolution back to what it was before without being able to see a thing on the screen?

Thanks a lot guys any help is greatly appreciated, and keep in mind I'm new to the whole penguin world so try to explain in bill gate terms. laugh.gif
Sounds like you switched to a resolution that wasn't supported by your monitor, so it gave you the black screen. When you get that black screen, try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, which should kill the X-server and bring you back to your console. From there, you can log in as root and edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file and remove the reference to "1024x768" in the Screens section.
Duende Thanks a lot for your help,

I managed to get to the console,. changed directories to X11 and saw the file I have to edit , however I could not figure out how to edit it. Tried the help command but I couldn't see what I was looking for.

Could you please tell me what command line I have to use to edit xf86Config-4 ?

Thank you man,
It depends on which editors you have installed on your system.

You can try:

pico filename


vi filename
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