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Full Version: Mandrake Hangs On Bootup
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Whenever I try to bootup Mandrake 9.1, the system always hangs when starting ALSA, even under Failsafe.
Does anyone know what may be wrong?
Are there any error messages or does it just sit there?

Does mandrake have interactive mode so you can skip loading alsa? If so, skip it and when you get to a command prompt check the log files in /var/log to see if there are any errors.
It does, I'll go try that now. Thank you.

--ok, I got it working, thank you!
What was the problem?
Well... I still don't know for sure.
I didn't get any errors when it was loading ALSA, is just immediately locked up the system, and I let it run for a couple of hours to see if it was working or something but it was no good. So, currently, I just don't boot up ALSA (or sound, since that did the same thing) and it will run ok, but I still haven't figured out why those cause it to hang.
(When I said I got it working, I meant Mandrake itself, not ALSA, sorry if I confused you)
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