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Full Version: Crontab And Url Alias
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I'm using RedHat 7.
I've just set up my first crontab. It reads as follows:

55 * * * * /path/to/my/shell/

I believe this will run my script every fifty fifth minute of every hour, every day. Correct? I've saved the file and I'm notified that the crontab is set. Do I need to do anything else to activate it? It doesn't seem to be running. I created the crontab using a non-root user. The shell script is owned/group owned by the same owner/group as the crontab.

Secondly, I send out emails which contain very large URL's which wrap on to multiple lines. When that URL is clicked on it obviously messes up as the email client just converts the first line in to a hyper link, leaving the rest of the URL unhighlighted. To get around this, I wanted to set up URL alias. i.e. a shorter URL which when clicked upon will redirect to the actual, long URL. How do you do this on apache/red hat linux 7?
Correct that will run at 55 past every hour every day. You might have to restart crond for it to pick up on your changes (/etc/init.d/crond restart) You might want to check /var/log/cron to see if there are any errors running the script.

For the redirect just create a sub directory and put a meta refresh in it.


Info on the meta refresh can be found at
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