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Full Version: Lexmark 5150 Drivers
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i have red hat 9 and a lexmark 5150 all in one printer. rh comes with some drivers and the closest is for the 5000 and if i load it i get an error that says my media tray is empty... does any one know where i can get the right drivers for my printer?
It seems you may be out of luck with that printer. I checked a few of the usual sources for information on drivers for Lexmark printers. The general consensus is that Linux support for Lexmark printers are lacking as a whole. Granted, there are some drivers out there for certain printers, but it seems that the X5150 is not completly compatiple. Some people were able to get the printer to work, but the scanner would not. From my personal experiences (which includes people i've spoken to personally in my town), Lexmark is not the way to go for cross-platform compatibility. The majority of people have better successes with HP printers.
with my lack of funds thats not a comforting thought tourettes... but thank you very much for the information all the same, its a great help. is there any place i can go to get a driver writen for this printer or am i out of luck you think?
You can try hounding the support staff at Lexmark but you are probably SOL for time being until one actually gets written.
well ive already sent an e-mail and im waiting for a reply, thanks guys youre lots of help as always.
Well, chances are, your email will either go un-answered, or you'll get a half-assed response.

If you're printer is fairly new, maybe you can take it back to the reailer and inform them that the printer is not compatible with your platform and you would like to exchange it. But, your right, there may be a bit of a price difference.
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