Oh well, I got a HP Pavillion Ze4325 HP ze4325

And Oviously I got a problem. I use Red Hat 9.0 and it can install fine (once you disable the USB Legacy in the bios (what is a requirement for putting linux on the ze4300 model and before) but after everything is installed it tries to boot and freeze on the PCMCIA non interactive thingy. So my question is How to Disable the PCMCIA or if you have another idea about this problem. Or if you guys would have another version of linux that you would think would work well...tell me. I am a debian and Knoppix fan but i installed debian and it dont take the video card really well and have a lots of issue with it and Knoppix (that i installed (not only from the cd) but it dont wanna get the lan card ....But Knoppix On cd works more than fine. Its like perfect.

Well I can't wait to have news about this subject. Thanx in advance.