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Full Version: File Systems Read Only!
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Hello Linux Genius'!

Its seems I'm going to have to bookmark this page and start coming here often!

I'm quite a newbie to Linux, pro at Windows(ie. know its bad...)therefore trying to move to Linux OS'.

Anyway I'm trying to dual boot between XP and Linux Mandrakee 9.1 with boot loader LILO.

It installed mostly default options.
I had 4 partitions(NTFS), took the "c" and put Linux on that.
Problem is that the other partitions Linux mounted but its somehow Readonly Filesystem!
Which is obviously a huge problem!
Been trying to edit fstabs but got no where.

So basicly not sure how to get dual booting working and filesystems RW.(cause I think its set to that...)

Please Help!
Thanks smile.gif

Can you give me a list of the partitions (device numbers ie hda1, hda5 etc) and which one is read only? Were there any errors at boot time? The only thing that should be read only is the NTFS partition.
hda5 /boot
hda9 /

Those are working fine(ext3)

hda6 ntfs (used to be D: with the WIn XP OS)
hda7 ntfs (used to be E:)
hda8 ntfs (used to be F:)

Why should ntfs be read only? Cause I need to be able to write and change data on that drive? Surely you can do that? (I know I'm problably missing somthing)

Cause Apparently I need to copy the windows XP boot files to that drive and tell linux to boot from that device?
There is very little support for NTFS filesystems in linux. You can try using them as read/write but theres a good chance the data will corrupt and you'll lose it all.

Have a look at for more information on the subject.
So what do you advise I do?
I would like to have Linux as my main OS and Win XP as a games and some apps etc.
So should i format the other drives in FAT32 first? Would it all work RW fine then?
Just so I'm clear:

hda6 ntfs (used to be D: with the WIn XP OS)
hda7 ntfs (used to be E:)
hda8 ntfs (used to be F:)

These partitions are for windows right? You didn't somehow install linux onto an NTFS partition did you?

Yah, I would recommend finding/buying partition magic and converting the drives from NTFS to FAT32. You can read/write to fat32 partitions without any problems from linux.
No I didn't I am new to Linux but not totaly stupid. (ie quite alot but not totaly...)

Excellent so You have just saved me like a whole weekend! Now I'll just convert to FAT32 rather than reformating partitioning and installing all! biggrin.gif

Thanks for the advice and trouble to reply!

Much Appreciated! smile.gif
No trouble at all. I'm glad we were able to help.

Have fun!
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