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Full Version: Mandrake 9.1 Rookie Questions...
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Hello all. I had Mandrake 9.0 installed on my laptop, mainly to fool with until I decided to take the plunge and delete XP off of it for good. I think Mandrake 9.1 is the distro that'll finally let me do that - easy for a noob like me.

Anyway, on to the stupid question... unsure.gif

When I was running 9.0, I could log out as a normal user and log in as the root/admin and do my sinful business. Now that I have 9.1 installed, I can't do that anymore. Basically, how do I get back to the root/admin level? I'm trying to update my /etc/pcmcia/config file to include my nic (which isn't listed, but Belkin claims will work) and keep getting an error about write permissions. Very frustrating because I KNOW it's a silly thing I'm overlooking. mad.gif

Anyway, thanks in advance, gents. Look forward to your answers.
BTW tourettes, awesome strong bad pic!
Ok, this appears to have nothing to do with the root/admin. I opened a console and entered SU and logged in as root that way (just needed to read ahead a bit). Anyway, I still get the same error when trying to save the /etc/pcmcia/config file from KWrite - The file could not be saved. Please check if you have write permission. ???
If you are running kwrite as your regular user then you wont be able to modify the file.

Just open up a shell/terminal and use 'su - root' then modify the file. pico/vi are your best friends.
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