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Full Version: Newbie Problems
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I recently installed linux and have a few questions/problems. my system specs are:

Running mandrake 9.0
340mb ram
30gig hdd
AMD athlon 1ghz
TNT2 32mb

1) how do I change the resolution on my monitor?

2) how do I open files with the .bz2 file extension? I tried typing bunzip2 -dv filename but I got an error message saying "Bash: bunzip2: command not found"

3) Tuxracer (and a few other games) wont work. I load them up and get a frame rate of about 1.

4) Is it possible to see the files on my win98 partition?

5) How do I view .rm, divx, .mov, .xvid files?

6) what is this makefile thingy I keep reading about?

7) How do I speed up the keystroke repeat? (mainly to play rougelike games)
I'm at work right now so I'll just handle the quick and easy ones for the moment.

1) xf86config or there should be a tool in the GUI, just browse around for it.

2) you probably dont have the bunzip2 package installed. The package bzip2-*.rpm should be on your cd or you can find it on any mandrake ftp mirror. (

4) yes have a look at

6) info about makefiles -

7) there should be a tool in the GUI, try the control panel or something similar
3) Sounds like you don't have Direct Rendering enabled. What is your graphics card? If it's a NVidia Geforce or higher, then you need to download the NVidia drivers from their website. They have a nice little installer now that gets you all setup, otherwise, you can just read the README file and it's pretty self explanatory.

To ensure that Direct Rendering is indeed the problem. Open up an xterm and type "glxinfo" and look at the very top of the output, it should say "Direct Rendering: Yes" if everything was working fine.

5) I'm not completly sure of each specific movie files, but there is a project out there called MPlayer which supports a mass amount of video codecs. I know it does support DivX wink.gif , apple quicktime and regular mpg and avi files
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