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Full Version: Networking Under Linux
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Hi. I've looked over the net, and I'm really stuck. I use a network to access the internet, but I cannot get networking under Linux to work. I don't know if my NIC has been installed and I don't know how to check. I have a 3Com Etherlink III 3c509 ISA card. I am aware of the netconfig command that can be used, and setting the settings to exactly how they should be I still can't seem to get my 2 computers to talk. I am quite sure the problem is that the NIC has not been installed - and if that is so, how do i go about installing it? Help would be very much apreciated :) thank you.
try using ifconfig
try running "lsmod" as root and check to see if you see the "3c509" module in the list of modules that are displayed. If it is not there, then as root, run "modprobe -v 3c509". If it says that it cannot find that module then either it is compiled straight into the kernel (run "dmesg" and have a look through the output) or you do not have the proper driver for your card.

Once you determine the status of the network driver, you can use the "ifconfig" command to setup your ip address, netmask, gateway, etc.
Hi, yeah i tried all those things and the card does appear to be in place.. lol i think anyway. I'm running SUSE linux. And in the shell window command thing, when i type ifconfig, it doesn't let me configure the settings it simply shows the settings that are already in place. How do i alter them? lol

ifconfig device IP

an example:

ifconfig eth0

See the ifconfig man page for more info
yeah but how do i choose the device number hting for it? It has from 0-9 and i don't know which to use.. or doesn't it matter?
If you only have one ethernet card in the machine it is likely eth0.
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