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Full Version: Sound Problems
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hi, i have just installed, SuSe 6.4 DVD(Yes i know its old) edition on my old pIII 450MHz system but i have onle problem, the sound dont wont, i thinkt he background to this problem is that the computer has onboard sound but it doesnt work so it also has an external pci ess1969 4ch sound card in it, but alsa only detects the onbarod card and linux and oss dont even detect that, i neeed help as i want to run a radio station from this comp and cant currently as i have no sound!!!!
Do you have an option in your bios to disable onboard audio? When you say the onboard audio doesn't work, do you mean it doesn't work at all, or it just doesn't work in Suse? Just need a little more information. wink.gif
the onboard ampifyer for the mobo sound is knackerd so it dont work at all, also i have 'supposedly' disabled the onboard sound, but it doesnt seem to disable
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