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hey all. i am very very new to linux and dont have the foggiest how it works. right now i've downloaded some software source from but in no way do i know how to install this. could someone please explain;. in simple terms please. or if you have msn then add me . any help will be much appreciated. thank you advance.
If its a .tar.gz file you'll first have to unzip/untar it. Information on how to do that can be found on our newbies page -

Once you've untarr'ed it go into the newly created directory and there should be either a README or INSTALL file. Open this up with an editor and follow the directions in it.
ok so you know in linux mandrake it gives you the option to install more software packages. is there a website that i can add to its list of places to look for new software, available for download. thank you again
I assume that is only for the software on the mandrake cds. I guess you could add any mandrake ftp mirror to your list as long as you specify the proper directory.
yes your right it is only for the madrake cd's. but it does give you the option to add an alternative source to install from wether it be.on the local hdd or http or ftp.
Joey, if the package manager is similar to the one in RH, it should be able to install third party RPM's. Oh, and hollowman, if you downloaded the sources there's a pretty standard procedure to installing software. You cd to the source directory, the type:

which configures the program and creates the make scripts and gets it ready to be compiled
then you type

which compiles the sources
and then

make install
which places the binaries in directories where they belong.

But always check the INSTALL or README file in the directory first to make sure there aren't any other steps that need to be done. Hope this helps you out. Have fun in Linux.

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