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Full Version: Samba Question
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Hey all,

I've had minimal experience with Samba, enough to be able to set up a basic share where I can view volumes on by linux box from a windows box, but I was never able to it to go the other way, so that I could see the volumes on the windows box from the linux box. First off, you ought to know that I haven't the slightest clue how to open up a network share from linux. So if anyone knows how or can point me to a useful tutorial, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

I've never set up samba and dont really know the first thing about it however Janou wrote a guide on it at
I'm not sure how much help it's going to be cause it's 3 years old now but it's worth a shot.

Man we really need to update the guides one day soon.
I saw Janou's, but it's just a basic setup for samba. Frankly, it's rather lacking. Doesn't actually explain a lot of the more important things about samba, like setting up users and whatnot.
Try searching google then or see if anyone posts anything here.
K, i'll try that. My experience though is that it's hard to find a decent samba tutorial. *Oh Well* If I ever have to use it for practical purposes I guess I'll go out and buy a book for it.
Consider writing a guide for us once you've mastered the art of samba smile.gif
Have you looked at the documentation at

See man pages of smbmount to mount windows shares in linux. Example to mount a windows share:

mount -t smbfs //windowspc//share /mnt/windowdata

Look at applications like LiNeighborhood or xmsbrowser to view windows shares in linux
You trying to mount a windows volume from linux? SHouldn't be much of a problem..First..make sure u have have kernel support for smbmounts..depending on what version/distrobution of linux your running this may be set up as a kernel module on your machine. Afterwards mount -t smbfs -o username=usernameonwindowsmachine4share,password=passwordonwindowsmachine4share //windowshostname/sharename /localmountpoint

That should do that trick.

Hey thanks for the help guys. I'll try some of that stuff. I'll have to get my Samba up and running first. Oh, and Joey I didn't mean to sound snobby or anything if I did.

No worries smile.gif

Best of luck, please let us know how it turns out!
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